Equipment Financing

Finance Your Equipment Through Our Flexible Financing Program

Are you wishing your small business could afford the equipment it needs to continue its upward trajectory? Why pay in cash for something that you can finance with help from Capital Creators? Our equipment financing program is a popular choice for many small businesses that simply don’t have the bandwidth to pay large amounts of cash for equipment. If you submit an application today, you can find out in just 24 hours whether you’re approved.

Program Details

All of our programs offer different payment structures and require little to no down payment. If you need up to $150,000 in financing, you don’t need to submit a financial statement along with your application. Here are the various equipment leasing and financing programs we offer.

  • Government and Municipal Programs: If you want to lease equipment and you represent a government or municipal entity, you’re in luck. Your application is guaranteed to be approved. We offer this program to everything from the armed services to public libraries.
  • Sale and Lease Back:Through this program, you can lease equipment you already own to us and we’ll pay you for it right away. Then, you can lease the equipment right back from us without a hitch so you never lose access to your equipment.
  • Startup Programs:If your business is less than two years old, you may qualify for our startup equipment financing programs.
  • Second Chance Programs:If you have bad credit, we want to give you a second chance to build it back up again. Our B, C, and D credit program is designed for people just like you who have been through tough times financially.

If you want to preserve your cash flow and gain access to the equipment you need while making fixed monthly payments on it, our equipment financing and leasing programs are perfect for you. Reach out to us today and we’ll send you an application.